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The NACUSO Marketplace – Connecting Credit Unions with Opportunities

NACUSO Business Services

NACUSO is the crossroads in the credit union community where credit unions connect to both CUSO and non-CUSO service providers to enhance the ability of credit unions to serve their members. NACUSO Business Services has developed the NACUSO Marketplace to facilitate those connections on a digital platform. Service providers have a virtual sales booth they control. Credit unions are able to identify multiple provider choices, learn details about the services and value proposition of each provider, and compare providers to decide which providers to pursue further. The value to the credit unions and service providers are as follows:

Value to Credit Unions

  • Free access for credit unions.
  • The only digital platform that will have hundreds of service provider options for credit unions to survey, as they begin their due diligence on their service options. 
  • The information posted can be quite extensive and provide details on both the services and the value proposition offered by the service provider.
  • Ability to search by very specific services (over 130 specific services). 
  • No service provider is excluded due to an exclusive endorsement relationship or other reason.
  • Credit unions can elect to limit their service provider choices to CUSOs.
  • Discover CUSO investment opportunities.
  • Credit unions will be informed if there are discounts being offered to NACUSO Members using the services.

Value to NACUSO Members Listing in the Marketplace

  • No cost to list for NACUSO Members (must be a NACUSO Member to list).
  • Being on the only digital platform that is widely viewed by credit union decision-makers searching for service solutions.
  • Ability to provide text and links to fully explain their services and value proposition, i.e., to sell themselves. For example, links may be to demos, testimonials, recorded webinars, written material, and video presentations.
  • Ability to be specific in their service offerings.
  • Full control of their virtual booth.
  • Credit unions and the public have open access to the Marketplace.
  • Promotion of the Marketplace to credit unions by NBS and NACUSO.
  • CUSOs have the ability to inform credit unions of CUSO investment opportunities.
  • NACUSO Platinum and Gold Partners are listed first in search results. 

To obtain a virtual booth and list in the NACUSO Marketplace, become a NACUSO Member (see the NACUSO website Send a message in the NBS website contact page with your organization’s name, the contact person responsible for the content, and his or her email list. A link will be sent to the contact person to populate the content in the virtual booth. Be creative and informative. It is an opportunity to connect with credit union decision-makers that is available on a 24 x 365 basis. Let’s collaborate to grow the Marketplace to realize its full potential.

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