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NACUSO Marketplace Provider

Organization Name: myCUmortgage
NACUSO Membership: Standard
Year Formed: 2001
Description of Your Services: myCUmortgage partners with credit unions nationwide to grow their mortgage business and help members achieve their dream of home ownership. Our CUSO delivers comprehensive mortgage solutions that make credit unions great mortgage lenders, including training, marketing, originations, processing, underwriting, servicing, secondary market access and a full suite of conventional and government products. Plus, we offer the flexibility to incorporate your portfolio loans and the ability to choose to retain servicing on those loans. This is How We Mortgage! Equal Housing Opportunity. NMLS# 565434.
Services You Provide:
Mortgage Lending:Underwriting Mortgage LoansServicing Mortgage LoansSecondary Market Sales of Mortgage LoansSoftware for Consumer Mortgage Lending
Why should a credit union use your services?: myCUmortgage offers unparalleled value and exceptional responsiveness and care to our credit union partners. We don’t give them what they want; we give them what they need to become great mortgage lenders, including: • Comprehensive Solutions that take partners and their members through the entire mortgage process while building and strengthening member relationships, growing market share and providing a five-star service experience • Expert Guidance with easy access to our team of mortgage experts • Exceptional Leadership with a collaborative approach that helps partners get more members into homes • Peace of Mind knowing that every loan is in compliance and all aspects of mortgage processing risk are managed • Partner- and Member-Focused Service from experts who are ready to help partners and their members with any mortgage question they may have!
Number of Credit Union Customers: 200
Percentage of Users/Customers that are Credit Unions: 100
Are You a CUSO?: Yes
Are there investment opportunities for credit unions?: No
Describe Your Business Model:Fee for services.Cost containment through economies of scale.
Are you currently seeking additional users/customers?: Yes
Do you offer discounts or other benefits for NACUSO Members?: No
Contact Information:Dawn RudieCredit Union Development
Additional Information:

Why? Because our love for facilitating the dream of home ownership is more than just a passion – it’s an obsession.

We’ve built our business by helping hundreds of credit union partners become better mortgage lenders. Monster mortgage lenders, as we like to call them.

Are you considering the pros and cons of offering mortgages?

Are you wanting to grow your mortgage business?

Are you not feeling the love from your current mortgage partner?

Are you re-assessing doing all of your mortgage operations in-house?

myCUmortgage can help. We offer comprehensive mortgage lending and servicing solutions that can improve, or jumpstart, your credit union’s mortgage offering – while getting more of your members into new homes.

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