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NACUSO Marketplace Provider

Organization Name: Member Support Services, LLC
NACUSO Membership: Standard
Year Formed: 2013
Description of Your Services: Technology Digital Member Services Lending Collections Operations Credit & Debit Card Management Deposit Management
Services You Provide:
Auto Lending:Underwriting Auto LoansServicing Auto LoansVehicle Locator Services
Collection Services:Collection Services for Credit UnionsRepossession Services
Credit Card Lending:Underwriting Credit Card LoansServicing Credit Card Loans
IT Services:Proprietary Core IT ServicesIT Support of Core Services from a Third PartyIT Support for Non-Core SoftwareIT Services Platform Design and Integration
Payments:Bill PaymentDebit Card ProcessingCredit Card ProcessingPayroll ProcessingPayment Item ProcessingElectronic Funds Transfer ServicesWire Transfer ServicesPrepaid Debit CardsPrepaid Credit Cards
Unsecured Lending:Underwriting Unsecured LoansServicing Unsecured Loans
Why should a credit union use your services?: Our credit union-owners realized annual aggregated savings of 25% from their operating costs when compared to their separate costs prior to the cooperative.
Number of Credit Union Customers: 2
Percentage of Users/Customers that are Credit Unions: 100
Are You a CUSO?: Yes
Are there investment opportunities for credit unions?: Yes
Describe Your Business Model:Cost containment through economies of scale.Only serve owners.
Are you currently seeking additional users/customers?: Yes
Do you offer discounts or other benefits for NACUSO Members?: Yes
Contact Information:Vim AnandCEO 259 Prospect Plains Road,
Building I,
NJ 08512
732 943 0300
Additional Information:

Bringing the benefits of world class large scale economies and collaborative procurement to mid-sized credit unions.

Customer Name:Andy Jaeger
Customer Title:CEO, Credit Union of New Jersey
Year Customer First Used Your Services:2013
Is Customer An Owner:Yes
Review Text:CU of New Jersey has experienced signficant savings, up to 67% in one area, but what might be most valuable is the built-in network of trusted colleagues whom we have to be 100% honest with.

Customer Name:Leo Ardine
Customer Title:CEO, United Teletech Financial
Year Customer First Used Your Services:2013
Is Customer An Owner:Yes
Review Text:United Teletech went from a negative ROA in 2018 to 1.19% in 2019, and a significant portion of that is due to our Member Support Services partnership

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