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NACUSO Marketplace Provider

Organization Name: Trellance
NACUSO Membership: Platinum
Year Formed: 1989
Description of Your Services: Trellance is a leading provider of business analytics for financial institutions, helping credit unions and banks meet the financial needs of today’s digital consumer. With a comprehensive suite of data science solutions and predictive models, our team is helping client organizations increase efficiency, manage risk, and improve user experience. And we’re bringing the next frontier of fintech, filled with artificial intelligence and machine learning, to the financial services industry. It’s data in, insights and results out.
Services You Provide:
Auto Lending:Consulting on Auto Lending
Consulting Services:Operational Services (Consulting)
Credit Card Lending:Consulting on Credit Card Lending
IT Services:Software DevelopmentArtificial Intelligence/Bot InterfaceIT Services Platform Design and IntegrationConsulting for IT Services
Operational Services:Internal Audits
Why should a credit union use your services?: Credit unions collect data on member behavior, member preferences, and overall member patterns every day. One of the most valuable actions a credit union can take is to empower employees to use raw data well, which leads to better business decisions and promotes future growth. One proven way to accomplish this goal is to apply analytics and knowledge to gain meaningful insights. With these insights, your credit union can: - Improve member experiences - Increase product penetration - Optimize marketing campaigns - Increase operational efficiency - Reduce costs
Number of Credit Union Customers: 169
Percentage of Users/Customers that are Credit Unions: 100
Are You a CUSO?: No
Are there investment opportunities for credit unions?: No
Describe Your Business Model:Fee for services.
Are you currently seeking additional users/customers?: Yes
Do you offer discounts or other benefits for NACUSO Members?: No
Website Link:
Contact Information:NikkiDever7650 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Suite 900
Tampa, FL 33607
Additional Information:

Trellance offers an extensive portfolio of business analytics solutions:

  • Data Management
    • M360 Data Platform – cloud and on-prem
    • Ironsafe (data extraction)
    • Householding (member marketing)
    • Data Management Consulting
  • Descriptive Analytics
    • CUCompare (benchmarking)
    • Optics (business intelligence)
    • M360 dashboards (Power BI, Tableau, SSRS)
    • Invoice Audit Program
    • Visualization training
    • Custom data visualizations
  • Prescriptive Analytics
    • Card Portfolio Growth Solutions
    • Credit Line Increase Program
    • New Account Acquisition Program
    • Targeted Usage Program
    • Auto Refinance
    • Custom downstream system integrations
      (e.g., marketing automation tools,
      messaging platform etc.)
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Predictive Analytics Suite (product
      propensity, attrition prediction, risk score,
      engagement scoring)
    • Custom model development and training

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