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NACUSO Marketplace Provider

Organization Name: CU Revest
NACUSO Membership: Standard
Year Formed: 2012
Description of Your Services: CU Revest is a Special Asset Management CUSO providing extraordinary capital and member recovery services exclusively for Credit Unions. Using our proprietary predictive analytics built on the repayment attributes of more than 1 million borrowers and $4 billion in assets under management, CU Revest will provide a written valuation of a potential client's charge off portfolio with an accurate recovery forecast at no obligation to the Credit Union.
Services You Provide:
Collection Services:Collection Services for Credit UnionsSale of Repossessed CollateralPurchase and Servicing of Non-Performing LoansConsulting for Collection Services
Consulting Services:Business ValuationFinancial Services
Why should a credit union use your services?: We are not a collection agency. We are a multiple credit union-owned Special Asset Management CUSO and a proud member of NACUSO since 2012. Our predictive analytics, proprietary Tracking and Monitoring Intelligence (TAMI) technology, re-performing charge off 0 interest and 0 fee refinancing program and focus helping members regain their creditworthiness and re-qualify for borrowing privileges with their Credit Union has resulted in over $1 million in recoveries of "cold case", "uncollectable" charge offs and return of more than 4,000 members to their Credit Union since 2012.
Number of Credit Union Customers: 100
Percentage of Users/Customers that are Credit Unions: 100
Are You a CUSO?: Yes
Are there investment opportunities for credit unions?: Yes
Describe Your Business Model:Fee for services.Cost containment through economies of scale.
Are you currently seeking additional users/customers?: Yes
Do you offer discounts or other benefits for NACUSO Members?: Yes
Contact Information:Mike HalesEVP404 Camino del Rio South, Suite 400, San Diego, Ca
Additional Information:

We are member-centric. Our special asset officers’ compensation is, to a large degree, driven by the number of verified positive testimonials received from charge off member-borrowers.  Our employee tenure average is 10+ years.

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